phillip cantrellPhillip G. Cantrell is a nationwide provider of mortgage consulting and expert witness services.  He is committed to delivering superior service and products in the most cost effective, accurate and timely manner.

Phillip has over 44 years experience and possesses in-depth knowledge in all areas of operations of the mortgage industry.  Please refer to his Curriculum Vitae for more information about his experience in the field.

  • I worked with Phil as an expert witness in my client’s case. His knowledge of how litigation works, his expert report and his timeliness was useful and effective and resulted in a favorable outcome for my client. I would highly recommend him as a banking expert and I will use him again when the need arises. Von Hoene Law Firm

    Susan Von Hoene, Von Hoene law Firm, PLLC Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
  • Phil’s understanding of the mortgage industry comes not just from his technical knowledge, but also years of practical experience. He brings both to the table: theory and application in a real-world setting. Leitman, Siegal, Payne & Campbell, P.C. Attorneys at Law

    Mort Taylor : Leitman, Siegal, Payne & Campbell, P.C.
  • Phil has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the mortgage lending industry. His ability to dissect the financial terms and conditions of a particular loan transaction or product was an invaluable resource in terms of understanding the transaction and allowing the lawyers to formulate the appropriate claims to pursue. Pope, McClamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood, LLP

    George W. Walker : Pope, McClamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood, LLP
  • Phil’s knowledge, experience and expertise have proved to be invaluable. Phil is very helpful and informative, and is a real pleasure to work with. Ryals, Plummer, Donaldson, Agricola & Smith, P.C.

    John S. Plummer, Esq. : Ryals, Plummer, Donaldson, Agricola & Smith, P.C.
  • My firm specializes in complex litigation, and we have engaged Phil Cantrell’s services as an expert for the purpose of analyzing financial transactions and documents, explaining lending transactions and other matters. We have found him to be thorough, professional, knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, and easy to work with. We certainly expect to utilize his services in the future. Copeland Franco Screws & Gill, P.A.

    Richard H. Gill : Copeland Franco Screws & Gill, P.A.