Some of my law firm clients have a policy of not writing testimonials but will give references if contacted. Among these are:

Harlan Prater, Attorney at Lightfoot Law: 205.581.0720

Mike Ciatti, Attorney at King & Spalding: 202.737.0500

Kelly, Scott, and Harrison, Attorneys at  Troutman Sanders: 804.697.2202

Rick Trawick, Attorney at Slaten Law: 334.396.8882

Jeremy Windham, Alabama Banking Department, Bureau of Loans: 334.242.3452

Arnold T. Phillips III, Phillips Law P.C.: 808.467.0555

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation: 703.714.2500

Robert Kirby, Attorney at Kirby & Associates: 205.386.2005

Jason Manning, Attorney at Troutman Sanders: 757.687.7594

Scott Davidson, Attorney at Davidson Law: 870.307.3176

Jay Aughtman, Attorney at Aughtman Law: 334.215.9873

Joshua Denbeaux, Attorney at Denbeaux & Denbeaux: 201.664.8855